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Crafted Charleston Tours

Welcome to the #1 City in the World, as voted by readers of Travel and Leisure. The historic city of Charleston, South Carolina attracts millions of tourists every year with its magnificent 18th century architecture, beautiful plantations, world class restaurants and breweries, and many historic monuments. There is so much to see and do in Charleston, it’s easy to miss a lot of the top spots, especially if this is your first visit.


Instead of worrying about missing something amazing, let Crafted Travel set you up with guided tours of Charleston’s most iconic places.


What is Crafted Travel? The concept originated upon realizing a void within Charleston’s thriving tourism industry of providing first class service made for discerning individuals whom expect only the best. That is why historians, tour guides, and industry leaders came together to create unique tours including Brewery Tours, Wine Tours.


Private Booze n’ Cruise Tour

Acquire first-hand experience of why “liquor before beer, you’re in the clear!” Your group will start with a Charleston Distillery Tour then we go to 2 different Brewery Tours and finish with Charleston-Styled BBQ.

Sippin’ Wadmalaw Island Tour

This scenic Lowcountry drinking tour is NOT for lightweights. First you will stop at the Angel Oak Tree for pictures then onward to your Wine Tour at Deep Water Vineyards followed by a Distillery Tour at the world famous Firefly Distillery and finish with craft beer and food truck! Be prepared for a lot of drinking, eating, scenic country roads and a cute baby cow.

Historic Charleston Driving Tour

Don’t Sweat or Freeze It! Your group will enjoy this 2 hour tour in the Cold AC of luxury vehicles as our professional licensed guides show your group around Historic Charleston. You will discover more of Charleston and unlike walking tours, there is no sweating/freezing and we provide a cooler with ice and cold water (or anything else ya’ll like!).

These hand crafted tour packages are guaranteed to please! We want all our guests to have an amazing time while touring the Holy City. We love Charleston, SC and are very passionate about providing the perfect Tour of Charleston for world travelers, couples, families and corporate groups alike. We look forward to exceeding all of your expectations every step of the way. We take pride in helping you experience all this city has to offer and create lasting memories with your family, friends, or colleagues. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for in our list of adventures? No problem. We can create customized tours at your request. Be our royal guests as we delve into more than three hundred years of Charleston’s storied past.

So what are you waiting for? Let us help you experience the best of Charleston without breaking the bank. You can book directly from our website at or give us a call at 843-804-9933.



The deep water vineyard grape stomping festival…

One major reason why the grape stomping festival should be a must attend is the unique experience you will get to enjoy. There are various fun filled activities to participate in and thus you are assured of nothing short of a fun-filled day.
If you are an ‘I love Lucy Fan’ you definitely remember the I Love Lucy episode from 1956; where she was employed to stomp grapes in a vineyard. On that note, you cannot miss out on the festival’s highlight which happens to be the Lucy Look-A-Like Contest. You will get an opportunity to wear your best ‘I Love Lucy’ Costume and play this unforgettable episode.
Apart from the Lucy look-a-like contest, you can also enjoy stomping the local muscadines for the grape stomping contest.

This event will be held at the only winery at Charleston, Deep Water Vineyard, on 27th August from 10Am to 5Pm. The public is invited to attend this annual event and become part of an age old tradition. Amazingly, at Deep Water Vineyard, visitors can camp on the expensive lawn. You are allowed to bring a lawn chair or blanket but no coolers.


Sippin Tour

Gather up the crew and get ready for a first-class party adventure! To kickoff the celebration we’ll pick you up in celebrity VIP style. With a party bus big enough for you and 17 of your friends to get wild in there is no excuse for humdrum memory making. There are 2 wet bars stocked with champagne and rocks glasses take your soiree up a notch, giving you all the power in your exclusive private party experience.

We’ll travel through the beauty of the lowcountry to our first destination, allowing you to experience a lifestyle afforded to the upper echelon of Charleston society. The adventure continues off the bus as we take a stop in at Irvin House Vineyards, the home of juicy local muscadine wine and the birthplace of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.

Found one of your tastings:  In the room where the wine is made your tour guide will bring you along a journey which entails the history of the vineyards, expanding your knowledge about our special brand of grapes. Muscadine grapes are the only type of grape which are native to the US and just so happen to be our specialty here in the Southeast. Then let the tasting commence! We offer five wine labels from four grape varietals, all of which have a sweetness that will bring your inner child out to play. And take heart in the fact that muscadine wine is almost bursting with antioxidants, so really you’re being very healthy right now.  Go on, give yourself a pat on the back. Many cheers, toasts, and laughs later we will graciously wrap your wine glass and place it in a gift bag for you as a present for you from us. Healthy drinks AND presents? It doesn’t get much better than this, right?


Au contraire! Moving from the wine tasting to our liquor tasting room, you will feel the ambience shift from old Southern genteel to that of a late night bonfire party at Firefly Distillery. Take some time along the way to snap pictures with your friends; Our wine themed tintamarresque is sure to be a favorite to remember the day by. In a small barn style building you will find a wrap-around bar to your left and shelves upon shelves of liquor to your right.


As you saddle up to the bar your liquor guide will hand you a long and varied list from which you are to choose 6 spirits for tasting. Now this will be very difficult as we have 8 vodkas, 8 moonshines, 2 whiskeys, 6 liqueurs, and 3 rums (that’s 27 total) to choose from. But don’t you fret! That’s what your guide is there for. They will explain the flavors, the best and most popular pairings, and can help you whittle your list down to the final 6.

You won’t be disappointed with this distillery tour.


Why a Brewery Tour makes for a great Charleston Bachelor Party.

A bachelor party can mean many things. For some, it is a wild night of debauchery marking the last night of freedom. They paint a picture of an old hag at home keeping her husband under lock and key, never to see the light of day or the light of fun again. For most, though, it is simply a time to celebrate with your closest friends one of the biggest events of your life. You’re getting married! Now of course almost everyone is going to want to loosen up a bit and throw a few drinks back. What better way to celebrate your Bachelor Party than with a true Charleston Brewery tour.

Charleston has always historically been a drinking city with a church problem. Or maybe it was a drinking city with a pirate problem. Anyway. One of the oldest and proudest cities in America, we’ve always been booming on the trends and the brewery craze was no different. Starting with just Palmetto Brewery in 1993, we now boast 10 breweries all within a 20 minute maximum ride of each other. Palmetto was the first brewery to openly operate in South Carolina since Prohibition, and it took 14 years for another to try. But once they did, others joined in, and we now have quite a diverse assortment of breweries.

Planning your Charleston Bachelor Party to include a Brewery Tour not only makes life simple for you, but it makes it fun with little to no effort. Book a party bus so no one has to worry about driving and everyone can be in one vehicle because let’s face it, it’s no fun when the party has to split up for the drive. We want to crank our music and be ridiculous together, not have to hear the story of your adventure on the way over here that I didn’t get to be a part of because my Uber driver sucks. Financially speaking the more cost effective alternative is to rent a party bus, as the Uber or Lyft charges add up if your bachelor party includes more than 3 people.

The best starting point for your Charleston Brewery Tour would be in North Charleston, the city that plays host to 4 of the 10 breweries. That makes it an easy all day trip without too much drivetime. In North Charleston you will find Coast Brewing Company, our 2nd oldest brewery which opened in 2007. We’ve got Holy City which repurposed an old warehouse space and now has a full kitchen onsite as well as an expansive porch. Frothy Beard was started by 3 guys with beards. That alone makes it cool, but if that’s not enough for you they are host of pretty much any type of event, including but not limited to pro wrestling, grindcore, and comedy shows. Freehouse Brewery is set on the banks of the Ashley River and is our organic offering brewed in a farmhouse-inspired brewery.

Then you can go downtown and check out that oldest legal brewery, Palmetto, which just went through a major overhaul and renovation to include an all wood bar and another huge patio for regular live music. Revelry, also located downtown, came on the scene quick and hot, winning 4 medals with their first entries into the US Beer Open Championships. Also host to regular live music, as well as other community events. If you’re ready for some real dinner, stop into Edmund’s Oast, a brewpub which doesn’t have the capability to produce enough brew for offsite sales but offers a James Beard award winning restaurant and brews like PB&J (yes, you read that right) and Viridi Rex, a bright and tropical double IPA.

And those are just a few of our award winning breweries. Almost all of them host live music, have huge porches for hanging out and sipping, and feature amazing tour guides and brewers who are intensely passionate about their craft. There’s no better way to celebrate your bachelor party than with a few drinks and great memories with your guys. A Charleston Brewery Tour can help facilitate that good time.

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