New Homes in Summer’s Corner, Summerville Berkley County, SC


We believe that sunny days should not be wasted. and that there should always, always, be time to stop and smell the roses. and the jasmine. and the gardenias.

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Building on Tradition

The Lowcountry has its own unique voice…with a rich vocabulary of elements that suit the local climate and manners. You could say the homes of Summers Corner are fluent in this language. With broad front porches. Picturesque windows. And varied home sites that are reminiscent of the historic settlements of the region. The result is more organic. Less planned. So that every home is a gift to the street.


Schools That Earn Straight A’s

For parents of school-age children, we understand that high-quality schools are non-negotiable…and that top-ranked schools tend to increase the value of the homes they serve. Our schools are in the highly acclaimed (and sought-after) Dorchester District Two-considered the best in the region. (And two of them are right within our community.)

Dorchester District Two received the State Department of Education’s Red Carpet Award, which recognizes schools with outstanding family-friendly environments

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A Community in a Garden

At Summers Corner, no resident is more than a 5-minute walk from their home to a park or public garden. The idea is simple enough: we want to invite people to come outside and play, to stroll, to jog, to throw a ball to the dog, to expand their idea of home to include gardens, parks and walking paths. The result is not only beautiful, but an active, healthy place to live.

summers corner is home to many winged residents, too. that’s why we’ve created custom habitats for some of our feathered friends. keep your eyes open for purple martins, carolina wrens and brownheaded nuthatches (to name just a few).

much of our landscaping incorporates native plants — the selections we make help bring in pollinators, provide habitats for wildlife and help protect our water sources.

the trails in summers corner include everything from quarter-mile strolls to 3.8-mile loops. and along the way you’ll encounter neighborhood parks like archer park, summers park and helix park. we’ve expanded the idea of home to include gardens, parks and walking paths.


Meet Me at The Commons

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying it a lot. After all, The Commons is home to Corner House Café + Information, where you can learn more about the community. It’s also where you can find master gardeners hard at work in our demonstration gardens. Or weekend events filled with food trucks, music and more. The Commons isn’t just a gathering place. It’s a destination in its own right — where you can sip a latte, take a class, enjoy a “farm-to-table” dinner, browse an outdoor market and feel the buzz of community. We’ll meet you there.

Throughout the summer months, the commons is home to our popular summers corner farmers market. it’s an opportunity to buy local produce and flowers, and take in special events — from gardening demonstrations to brush lettering classes. see all the action here.

The homestead is home to the community’s homeowners association as well as the clemson extension master gardener program. stop by and see master gardeners tending to demonstration gardens, take a class — or even volunteer.

There’s always something going on at the commons. after all, it’s the hub of activity at summers corner. see what we’ve been up to.


One of the defining features of the Lowcountry is the abundant waterways, lakes and rivers that shape the landscape. Buffalo Lake, one of Summers Corner’s most striking landmarks, offers 94 freshwater acres for residents to catch a few fish, spend an easy morning paddling and admiring the wildlife, or simply enjoy some quiet time by the water’s edge. But Summers Corner’s location also offers plentiful opportunities for getting on other waterways – the Ashley River being one of the most spectacular.

The blackwater tidal river flows 30 miles from its headwaters in Great Cypress Swamp to the Atlantic Ocean at the Charleston Harbor. See the North-fork map. Then plan a weekend out on the river. Here’s how:

Hike, bike, picnic

Just minutes from Summers Corner at the intersection of Beech Hill and Bacon’s Bridge Roads, Rosebrock Park stretches 76 acres along the banks Ashley River. Here, enjoy over two miles of easy hiking and biking routes amidst live oaks and abundant wildlife. Well-marked paths, restrooms, and picnic areas make Rosebrock Park a great spot for whole family to enjoy some water-side relaxation and fun.

Paddle, boat, and bring home a bass

Load up the boat, kayak or canoe and head to Jessen Boat Landing to experience the Ashley River from the water. In addition to a public boat landing and fishing pier, Jessen Boat Landing has a walking trail and boardwalk area overlooking the picturesque Ashley River, as well as a picnic shelter with tables and an oyster shell recycling site.

A look back in time

We would be remiss not to mention the river’s rich history, as three iconic plantations dot its shores.

  • Drayton Hall, American’s oldest unrestored plantation house, offers house tours and interactive programs, as well as marsh and river walks. The property is also home to one of the oldest documented African-American cemeteries in the nation. Immerse yourself in the property’s immense history timeless beauty.
  • Magnolia Plantation is a 17th-century estate featuring a incredible plantation house, gardens, and antebellum cabins, as well as a nature train and boat and wildlife observation tour. Perfect for history buffs and nature lovers alike.
  • Middleton Place allows visitors to step back in time to catch a glimpse of life on an 18th-century rice plantation. African American Focus Tours, plantation stableyards, carriage tours and horseback riding are among the offerings, but the on-site restaurant and endless gardens should also be on your don’t-miss list. Make a day of it.

The natural landscape around Summers Corner is one of its greatest perks. This weekend, get out and enjoy the fabulous weather, spend some time on – or by – the water, and soak up all that the Lowcountry has to offer!

For more information about projects and events from the Dorchester County Parks and Recreation department (including the highly anticipated Ashley River Park), check out Friends of Dorchester County Parks.

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